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Play Therapy Parenting Podcast

The path to calm, confident, and in-control parenting starts now

Dec 29, 2018

Dr. Brenna discusses the top 3, most easily preventable reasons kids display behavior problems.  So before reacting, mentally go through this list to see if you can quickly eliminate the cause for these top 3 reasons children misbehave.

Dec 29, 2018

Play Therapy works for all age groups. In this episode, Dr. Brenna explains what play therapy with teens and older populations may look like, and why it's effective.

Jun 19, 2018

Sometimes, Play Therapy is described as "Magical" because people don't know why it works so well, it just does. In this episode, Dr. Brenna explains how play therapy works by telling a story of one of her clients who worked through his issues through play. He did it at home... not the play room... and his Mom witnessed,...

May 11, 2018

A video that I had to record as a result of a simple bumper sticker on a car in front of me… and it is now my personal mission to make every parent claim positive and encouraging traits about themselves! Watch all the way to the end so that you can be empowered to fight the critical and harsh way that we talk...

Apr 27, 2018

The more you understand the "wheel" of emotions, the more you can help your child communicate what they are feeling accurately. In this video, Dr. Brenna Hicks introduces you to Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, and the theory of how it all fits together. You can use this knowledge to better Reflect Feelings to your child.